Since it was founded in 1999, our firm has been growing steadily. In addition to our clients in the media and cultural fields, we also advise and represent a large number of businesses from a wide range of industries.

Our legal expertise covers copyright and media law, internet law, trademark and competition law, as well as commercial, contract, labour, corporate and insolvency law. An overview of our services can be found here.

We value sound, comprehensive and personalised service. We work in teams that are individually selected for you, depending on the area of law and the scope of the assignment. Our network of international collaborative partners is also at your disposal.


We advise and represent clients from the SME sector in all areas of business and contract law. We prepare and negotiate licence agreements, rights of use, purchase and rental agreements, and advise you in all of your commercial law matters. Furthermore, we have many years of experience in litigating contract claims in civil proceedings on behalf of clients.

We represent authors, artists and creators of all kinds in Germany and worldwide (music and book authors, performers, directors and actors, graphic artists and designers, music and film producers, stage and costume designers, journalists, software developers, etc.), as well as various media companies (advertising and communication companies, music, book and audiobook publishers, recording companies, concert organisers and film production companies).

We advise on, negotiate and draft all conceivable types of agreements. We represent the interests of our clients in transactions or disputes with their business partners and/or copyright collecting societies (GEMA, GVL, VG Wort, VG Bild-Kunst, etc.) and support them primarily in matters of infringement of copyright or ancillary copyright law. A particular focus of our work is on asserting and defending against such claims in the courts.

One enters the arena of corporate law the moment two parties work together towards a common goal. We assist our clients with company formation (limited companies, general partnerships under civil law, associations, start-ups), and with the drafting of articles and memoranda of association.

We advise and represent you on internal company disputes and advise managing directors of limited companies and other business institutions on all matters of corporate law.

We advise you on developing your business, service portfolio and “market conduct” in line with the competition law rules. For example, numerous labelling and information requirements pertaining to certain types of business activity and service or product offerings constitute “market conduct rules”, infringements of which can lead to claims by competitors and associations.

Where our clients are exposed to claims under competition law, or where they are entitled to assert claims for unfair competition, we represent them in court proceedings as well as out of court. Our guiding principle is always to achieve the most suitable outcome for our clients, from both a legal and a business perspective.

We have many years of experience in advising managing directors and their companies on matters of impending or actual insolvency. In the run-up to insolvency, we assist you in drafting and implementing out-of-court debt settlement and insolvency plans.

One of our main areas of focus is on representing companies and managing directors in the event of claims by insolvency administrators in proceedings to set aside agreements and in liability proceedings. Our clients also include several insolvency administrators on whose behalf we assert legal claims to the assets at issue in insolvency cases.

We primarily advise and represent employers and management on all aspects of labour law, but also provide representation to employees, works and staff councils. We review and draft your employment agreements, severance agreements, formal warning notices, dismissals, and company agreements, and provide you with legal advice through transfers of ownership. We will support you in asserting your claims both in and out of court, and are able to represent you at all German labour courts, up to the German Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht).

A further main focus of our work is on advising and representing managing directors and executive boards of limited companies, always in close collaboration with our corporate law department. In this area, we provide comprehensive advice and support on the commencement, termination and execution of your service on the board. We review and draft the appropriate agreements and resolutions on your behalf, and represent you in the necessary negotiations on remuneration or settlement.

The internet provides a great deal of scope and opportunity both for business and marketing models and for varied constellations of interests. What we call “internet law”, thus, is not a self-contained field of law – it covers a wide range of legal issues in connection with the use of the internet and with internet “commerce”, including areas of general civil law, copyright law, competition law, branding and trademark law, media law, and data protection law.

Given the constant technical developments and the resultant new business and commercial opportunities, there are also constant developments in legislation, jurisprudence and the way the law is applied. We always stay up to date on your behalf.

Our firm provides services throughout the full range of trademark law, from first concept through to registered and protected trademarks.

We help you develop your brand strategies and advise and assist you with the naming process. We check to see whether the desired label can be protected under trademark law, and carry out trademark searches on your behalf throughout Germany, across Europe, or internationally. We advise and assist you throughout the application and registration process for your trademark, with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, or DPMA), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

We assist you in drafting contracts pertaining to licensing, purchase and/or sale of your trademark, and represent you both in and out of court in the event of any infringement of your trademark rights. Through international collaboration, we ensure rigorous development and management of your trademark portfolio internationally. Your trademark is in good hands with us.

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